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Robot Mobsters original characters and worldbuild
BLOBS worldbuild
Reptiles are really super cute animals

aw peace is rubbing his face on the glass of his new tank. this unfamiliar environment is baffling him

he wasnt too stressed to hunt crickets so hes fed at least

i didnt want to use sand for substrate but i wasnt sure what woulda fit in such a big tank. i will keep a close eye on him and keep his calcium dish full

peace’s new tank is much bigger than his old one

okay im fucking going to bed for real now i found that one cute freewood robot au fic so yaaay palette cleansed. im so tired. tags have updated but words dont make sense anymore. im gonna go crawl into bed and wake up lucas and ask her when we’re gonna get a robot boyfriend

god dammit i found another fucking weird dong fic this is the exact opposite of what i wanted to do

i am the idiot who touches a live wire again and again to see if it will continue to shock me

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Return the slaaaaaab...
excitabletortoise excitabletortoise Said:

whats yer offer

im going to bed

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ye i know what you mean. head tilting bafflement but like ‘ye you go guys. with whatever tis is exactly. have fun.’ but then being like ‘huh’ still

yeah exactly. sometimes its like “this isnt my thing but i see how it’d be fun” and sometimes its just “…uh”