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Yep yep, because fat people are not strong

Or fast

Or dextrous


You don’t like Fat Fef, then fine

But stop coming up with pseudoscience ‘explanations’ of why your opinion is right, justifiable and not bigoted

Just admit it: you don’t like fat people.

Fun Fact: Play any sport competitively for long enough and you’ll stop thinking that fat people aren’t as fast/strong/dexterous/good as you. Softball, some people that were much bigger than me were taking bases like it was the easiest damn thing in the world and hitting into the outfield/warning track/home runs. Fencing, fenced a fat girl once who was so fricking fast that she’d be near me without me knowing how she even got there. True facts. 

Fun fact: I am visibly smaller than my roommate, but while I’ve been a lazy slob most of my life, he’s been playing sports for over ten years and is much much better shape than I am. Size and weight have nothing to do with “strength”.

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    Going once again to their relationship with insects… Insects don’t carry body fat in the same way mammals do.
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    What about fucking sumo wrestlers? Those guys are friggin’ strong.
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    Aw I kinda like chubby!Tavros I mean he was in a wheelchair for sometime,though it’s possible he could be lean since I...
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    >Implying fat people can’t be muscular >ignoring the existence of sumo fighters
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    I think she’d also be lean, though. She wouldn’t have, like, a six-pack and bulging muscles like Equius might have,...
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