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I’m shit at landscapes and environments, and I’m extra shit at cities and buildings. I don’t. I don’t even know where to start. I’m leaning toward making it look more or less modern, just high-tech.

Do any of my followers happen to have resources or references on drawing cities/buildings………

Watch movies like that, and pause when you see scenes you like, take a screencap, and compile it into a folder.  And do the same with searching for images, since you’re still going for a modern city just high tech, then of big cities. New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Philly, etc. Put them into a folder, too. Do the same w/ finding high tech gadgets and stuff

Then look through that folder, and try and find out what makes it what it is. What makes you like it, how is it constructed. For instance, ummm like. With cities. I’ll just do something quick.

Real quick, just grabbed an image from this search

Just a street view, no biggie. I know why I like it, because it’s got a little outside market, and it’s a dirty, and it’s just people’s lives. That’s what drew me to it, but it’s different for everyone. 

And for practice, I just traced over it real quick

Just start out with lines when drawing cities, I find it helps a lot. Because most of cities are just…a bunch of boxes and lines. You don’t need to draw every line, of course. Or every window, or anything like that. You just need a little bit, to give the impression

and of course, having people in it would make it a busy city. As you can see, there isn’t a BUNCH of detail in this picture, but it’s a city, with people in it, and honestly it could be modern of high tech or anything. There isn’t enough there to make it one thing or another, aside from the cars there which obviously are like…vans so. But I mean,  those are easily changed. Look

This time I just skimmed through what the cars looked like there, and made something up

And now you’d peg it for futuristic, instead of possibly being the 90’s. And there’s still barely any detail, just little things, and that’s okay, because it’s the background and hte focus is probably going to be the characters!!

For cities you’ll need a lot of perspective. So get on that.

And this is only for practice. I wouldn’t go around doing this for the actual pictures. Tracing them and all. But doing this quick gives you a quick feel of how a city should/can look. From this, go on to just using them as references. That’s why you’re building up that folder of photos and such.

For high-tech looking cities, go with straight lines. Clean, crisp lines. For dirtier places, go with more hand-drawn lines, that have that wobble. That’s /my/ go to, at least. Like, when I do TF2rp comments, I never used the line feature unless it was something new.

This here isn’t really much any detail, but it’s got what a room looks like enough. There’s some scuffs, the lines aren’t straight, etc. It doesn’t look clean and pristine, to me at least. But it’s still pretty simple, imo. But like, there are posters on the wall, there’s things on the counter and on his desk, a fan, the outlet, the trim on the bottom of the wall.  Little things make it a place instead of just boxes, I guess???

It just takes a lot of practice, really. But imo, cities and industrial looking places are waaay easier to get down than organic, natural places. 

I’m sure there’s plenty of how-tos and references and stuff. This is really just what I did, and from my experience. Honestly, just experiment, and work at it until you get something you like.

And you know

just practice. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s not going to look good the first time you draw it.  Or the second, or third. It’s going to be frustrating, sure, but you’ll get better the more you work at it.

Also, you live in a city now too, don’t you? Go out for a walk, or bike, or something, and bring a camera. Take pictures of the city, the people, neat areas that you like.  etc etc.

aaaaaaaaa wow this is a good idea

oh man

thank you thank you

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